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Listen to Your Body- Love Who You Are

Hello and welcome to my website of wellness and positivity, you have probably found your way here because you are keen to find out more about me, yoga or hypnobirthing, so let me start by introducing myself. 


I am based in Nottingham, I have two beautiful daughters (that's where the hypnobirthing comes in) and a small menagerie of animals.  I left school and studied the Performing Arts then gained my BA in Dance and Art from the University of Chichester, whilst on my degree I had the opportunity to take part in a Dance Project in Bangalore, India.  During this project I first discovered Yoga and had the opportunity to practice daily.  Since my early 20's yoga has intervened itself into my life.  As Dance became a job (I became a secondary school teacher) Yoga gave me the opportunity to continue to practice the discipline that my dance training had given me. 


Moving to teach Yoga felt very natural, I love the sense of empowerment and self discovery yoga provide and love sharing this with my clients.  I completed my 200 hours teacher training at CamYoga, Cambridge and have taught at various studios around Nottingham, I specialise in Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative practices, and trained to teach children's yoga with YogaBees.  My love for Yoga and being an eternal student has lead to train as a Yoga Therapist, I was either going to be a Dancer or a Doctor when I left school, I guess a Yoga Therapist joins the two.


As Yoga has continued to encourage me to learn new things about myself, so did the pregnancy and birth of my daughters, I remember being first pregnant with Holly and being absolutely petrified of giving birth, this was because of all the horror stories friends and family like to share, almost like badges of honour. I remember going to my first midwife's appointment and explaining that I was planning a caesarean and that I was fully aware that I would have to pay for this, to which she replied, that's ok but have you thought about hypnobirthing and recommended a book to read.  I ordered the book and read it cover to cover pretty much overnight and my mindset completely shifted to a home birth and completely natural birth plan.  Well both girls decided they were not being born at home and needed some encouragement to enter the world but the work I had done prior to both births put me in a super positive place for labour and the months that followed.

So enough of me, if you do want more check out my blog- check out how I can help you on your journey.

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